What We Do


CREEii will train 3 cohorts of fellows in a two-year Master’s in Bioethics (MScB) developed by St George’s University (SGU) in Grenada, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ) in Mexico, and Clarkson University in the USA.

The MScB Program

The MScB program is designed to strengthen skills for responsibly conducting and publishing research.

Delivering it simultaneously with translation into Spanish and English languages enriches the education provided by promoting learning and partnerships across languages, cultures, and countries.

Alumni will be equipped to serve as research ethicists and educators, advocates for the protection of human and animal subjects in research, and institutional and national leaders in their home countries.


CREEi, the first iteration of this award, graduated over 80 professionals from 17 different low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) of the Caribbean basin in a one-year graduate-level certificate program.

Contact us by email:
Euardo Farías Trujillo (UAQ Coordinator and CREEii Faculty) : arktos11@gmail.com
Mr Kareem Coomansingh (SGU Program Coordinator and CREEii alumnus):   kcoomans@sgu.edu