Alumni of CREEii’s Previous 1-Year Certificate

Alphabetized by First Name
Adriana Mejia Estrada

Research Professor. Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

Management group for a University Ethics Committee. Founder member
Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. Michoacan University. Vocal
Bioethics Commission of the Faculty of Medicine. Michoacan University. Vocal.

Career Impacts of CREEii
Coordinator of Bioethics. College of Physicians of the State of Michoacán
Participation in Commissions at the State level
Admission to the Doctorate program.
Participation as a speaker in courses and seminars.

Andrea Kanneh

Independent Consultant – Training Companies and Individuals

Doctorate in ICT; Master of Science in Research Ethics; Master of Business Administration; Leadership Certification; Project management Professional Certification;

Career Impacts of CREEii
Current Chair of Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)’s Research Ethics Committee
Worked on the National Research Ethics Policy for Trinidad and Tobago
Deliver Courses in Research Ethics
Created the CREEii website

Dr C. Roberto Cañete Villa Franca

Provincial Directorate of Public Health / University of Medical Sciences of Matanzas.
Full Professor, Senior Researcher. Director of the Provincial Council of Scientific Health Societies.

Doctor of Medicine, First Degree Specialist in Microbiology, Second Degree Specialist in Microbiology, Master in Parasitology,

Career Impacts of CREEi
Elected Full Member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences in 2018.
Elected Vice President of the Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology.
Coordinator of the Master in Diagnostic Media at the University of Sciences.

Carlos Alberto Murillo Cardenas

Doctor of Law and Master of Law
Querétaro, Mexico. Autonomous University of Queretaro.

Career Impacts of CREEi
It was relevant in adapting and studying ethical issues in social research.

Carmen Di Mare Hering

Physician and General Surgeon (Physician)

Master in Health, Master in Bioethics (2018)

Career Impacts of CREEi
It was a necessity because at that time I was the head of the bioethics department of the research and then of the entire bioethics area in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the main provider of medical services for the population of my country.
It opened the doors for me to be part of UCIMED as a teacher.

Cheryl Nancy Dijksteel

Lecturer Courses Health in All Policies and Introduction to Research Ethics
Suriname, ADEKUS University of Suriname

LL.M, MPH, MS Bioethics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)’s Research Ethics Committee
Elected Member of Parliament of Suriname after applying and being accepted in a political party

Cynthia Marilhyn Rodríguez Galo

Titular Professor II at the National Autonomous University of Honduras

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Microbiology, with a Master’s Degree in Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases, Diplomas in University Pedagogy and Research Bioethics

International Diploma “Ethics of Advanced Scientific Research’ (2019) Advanced certificate in research ethics (Clarkson University, New York) 2020

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Research Ethics Committee of the Master’s Degree in Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases at the UNAH School of Microbiology.

Cynthia Onyefulu

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Arts, Science & Technology
Teaching, conducting research, and supervising graduate students.

University of Technology, Jamaica.

PhD Educational Psychology; CREEi Certificate

Career Impacts of CREEi
Ethics Chair, Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies;
Conducted workshops on research ethics

Deborah Stijnberg

MD, MPH, Suriname

Surveillance systems for getting insight in the Continuum of Care for different diseases

CREEi Certificate (2018)

Career Impacts of CREEi
Knowledge to complete tasks within the Ethical committee.
Teaches Ethics in two faculties within the Anton de Kom University of Suriname

Lecturer in the Dept of Government and International Affairs, University of Guyana

Masters Research Ethics-In Progress; MA Development Studies; Post Grad-Research Ethics; Post Grad- Education; BSc- Public Management

Career Impacts of CREEi
Jointly taught an Introduction to Research Course where I looked at ethics in research.

Eduardo Casillas González

Associate Researcher, Institute of Humanism in Health Sciences, Faculty of Bioethics – Universidad Anáhuac México.

Degree in Bioethics (2006); Master in Bioethics (2003). Law (2017); Master in Constitutional and Administrative Law (2020). International Diploma in Education in Research Ethics (2016).

Main lines of research: Bioethics and biopolitics, Political economy, Neuroethics, Genetics and bioethics, sustainable development, biotechnology, human rights.

Career Impacts of CREEi
It has been a very important academic addition to my Curriculum Vitae, beyond the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that I have. In addition, it has allowed me to meet people, both teachers and colleagues who have allowed me to broaden my job and professional opportunities in my main areas of interest.

Eduardo Farías Trujillo

Professor of Applied Ethics and Bioethics at the UAQ.
Lecturer at the Discussion Table of the IV UNESCO International Forum

Doctoral Candidate in Bioethics, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Degrees in philosophy; Master’s in Theology and Patristic Sciences; Master’s in Applied Ethics and Bioethics; Master’s in Bioethics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of Bioethics Unit ( of the Faculty of Philosophy of the UAQ,
Adjunct Instructor of the Bioethics Program at Clarkson University in New York

Enrique Juárez Aguilar

Senior Researcher C. Institute of Health Sciences. Veracruz University.

Bachelor of Clinical Chemistry. Master’s and Doctorate in Sciences with a specialty in Cell Biology. Diploma in Research Ethics (CREEi).

Career Impacts of CREEi
Appointment as Representative of the Universidad Veracruzana before the State Bioethics Commission.

Erotida Beatríz Mejía Curiel

Professor at the University of La Guajira.

Master in Social Development, Specialist in Pedagogy, Specialist in Social Management.

Career Impacts of CREEi
Both personal and professional knowledge of the field

Evelin De Jesús Tejada Sinecio

Teacher-Researcher in Gender Violence
Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico

Master’s degree

Career Impacts of CREEi
Apply knowledge of ethical principles that must be observed in research with humans;
Participate in the Bioethics Committee of the Mexican Institute of Social Security

Fernando Ponce Pérez

Head of the Statistics Department, Honduran Institute of Social Security

Graduate, Business Administration, Hospital Management Diploma, Labor Market Research Diploma, Ethics Scientific Research Diploma

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Ethics Committee of the Nutrition Career of the National Autonomous University of Honduras

Henry David Bazurto Barragan

University teacher, History and Philosophy of Psychology, Ethics and Bioethics, Konrad Lorenz University Foundation, Colombia

Degree in Psychology – Konrad Lorenz University Foundation.

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Institutional Bioethics Committee of the Higher Education institution
Teach courses related to the topics addressed during CREEi training

Irene Córdova Jimémez

Full-time professor at the University of Guadalajara.

President of the Research Ethics Committee of the University Center of Health Sciences of the University of Guadalajara.

Doctorate in Public Health Sciences; Master of Bioethics and Law; Bachelor of Law

Career Impacts of CREEi
Appointed State Commissioner of Bioethics under the Secretary of Health of the State of Jalisco
Participation in conferences and publications

Itzel Villa Paez

Doctoral Candidate in bioethics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Master’s degree

Career Impacts of CREEi
Met one of my Mentors for my doctoral Mentor committee
Participate in a CREEi Discussion Table in 2018

Jorge Adán Romero Zepeda

Full-time Professor of the Faculty of Engineering, Concá Campus, Autonomous University of Querétaro.

Doctorate in Social Sciences with a focus on Sustainable Development;
Master’s Degree in Social Psychology; Degree in Sociology

Career Impacts of CREEi
It helped me get a full-time position.

Jose Arias Porras

Dr. Ricardo Moreno Cañas Clinic (San José, Costa Rica), Head of the Pharmacy Service; Secretary of the Local Pharmacotherapy Committee; Coordinator of the local Clinical Bioethics Committee

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Project Management

Career Impacts of CREEi
Professional growth; Member of the Central Scientific Ethics Committee;
Collaboration with NGOs in the field for advice and training

Jose Juan Quilantán Cabrera

Resident of sub-speciality in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara; Teacher in Ethics and Law from the University of Barcelona.

Surgeon and Midwife, Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Professional growth as I am constantly faced with dilemmas that need an ethical approach to seek solutions.

Juan Emilio Villar Cogley

Degree in Psychology; Masters of Business Administration; Master in Social and Organizational Psychology; Master of Higher Teaching. Master in Bioethics (ongoing)

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Bioethics Committee of the University of Panama;
Facilitator and Coordinator of Seminars on Research Ethics.

Kareem Coomansingh

Administrator of SGU IRB, SGU Research Integrity Officer, SGU Research Office Administrator

MPH, MSc (Bioethics)

Career Impacts of CREEi
It allowed for upcoming opportunities in Bioethics program

Keren Wilson

Institutional Research Analyst and Planning Officer, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

BSc Economics International Relations (Hons.) MSc Development Statistics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Included a research ethics component as part of the Intro to Monitoring and Evaluation courses in both the MSc Development Statistics and Masters Public Health programmes that I lecture

Lizet Yadira Rosales Rivera

Associate Professor, University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Doctor, surgeon and midwife; Master’s and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of the Research Ethics Committee of the University Center for Health Sciences.

Magela Gómez Esinosa De Carrillo

Doctor and teacher at the Santo Tomás Hospital and local universities, Panama.

University Doctor of Medicine

Career Impacts of CREEi
Strengthen the development and intervention in bioethics committees where I was already in office

Melanie Camille Smith

Phd Candidate- Sociology, University of Belize and Dalhousie University, Canada

Career Impacts of CREEi
Better prepared to submit proposals for ethical reviews. Provide peers with technical assistance on how to submit proposals for ethical review.

Nancy Del Carmen Espinoza Herrera

Attorney of Labor Relations, Legal Department, Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS)

Law; Master in Human Resources Administration

Career Impacts of CREEi
It helps me to see in a different way the different cases that I investigate daily, in the institution I work, I already do investigations of ill-treatment of the patient. My opinions in these labor investigation processes, and CREEi have helped me to do justice for the beneficiaries or patients who attend medical consultations daily and that injustices are not committed in medical procedures by taking consider ethics in a broader sense.

Pamela Garbus

Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Mental Health of Children and Adolescents, Faculty of Psychology, UAQ. Mental health project in high school students.

Doctor of Community Mental Health; Degree in Psychology;

Career Impacts of CREEi
Greater tools to work with researchers.
Consolidation of work in the Ethics Committee of Research of the UAQ in which I collaborate.

Patricia Raquel Mancilla Dávila

Coordinator of the Bioethics Division at CISAV Educational Research Center

Master in Bioethics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Promotion To Bioethics Coordinator

Rodrigo Martinez De La Luz

Clinical Research Director/ Pharmaceutical- Industry- Conducting Clinical trials

BSc. and Specialty

Career Impacts of CREEi
Bioethics advisor

Rosalinda Domínguez Esponda

Technical and vocal coordinator of the Research Ethics Committee of the National Institute of Public Health. Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Health of Mexico (ESPM) of the same institution

Lic. In Social Psychology; Master in Clinical Psychology

Career Impacts of CREEi
Be taken into account to teach courses related to research ethics
Invited to collaborate on scientific articles related to ethical aspects in medical practice.

Rosmond Adams

Director of Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP)

MD, MSc. (Public Health), M.S (Bioethics)

Career Impacts of CREEi
Allow me to use ethics in policy and to ensure that policies and public health decisions are grounded in ethics.

Saúl Alejandro Ardines González

PhD in Social Studies of Science and Technology

Career Impacts of CREEi
Became a member of the Bioethics Committee of the University of Panama (2017-2020).

Shakel Henson

Associate Professor and Dean of Student Affairs

BSc, MD, MPH, MSc, MSc, MS Bioethics

Career Impacts of CREEi
Member of my institution’s research ethics committee

Sharmella Roopchand-Martin

Head Mona Academy of Sport, Faculty of Sport at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus

DPT, MSc. Rehabilitation Science, MSc Bioethics, PGCert Teaching and Higher learning

Career Impacts of CREEi
Increased competence in teaching and developing courses in research ethics. Allowed me to increase service on Ethics committees in the country and in the region.

Veronica Castellanos Hernández

Advisor to the Technical Vice Ministry of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of Guatemala

Master in Public Health with Emphasis in Epidemiology and Management

Career Impacts of CREEi
The knowledge acquired during the CREEi diploma has been very useful in the different processes that I carry out in my professional field to contribute to the improvement of the Health of the Guatemalan population.

Wendy Elizabeth Murillo Barahona

Head of the Research Management Unit – School of Microbiology – National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH); Professor and Researcher; Member of the UNAH COVID-19 Committee

Doctorate in Medical Sciences with orientation in Clinical Virology; Master of Bioethics;
Bachelor of Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry

Career Impacts of CREEi
President of the Ethics Committee of MEIZ – UNAH

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